Click to enlarge1/4" Side Mono Output Jack

This is a replacement jack for basses and guitars with a Switchcraft barrel jack. We supply prewired, so you just have to unplug the old one and plug in the new one!

We wish this part was higher quality, but it's the best one out there. They tend to fail in 5-10 years. We have an option below to buy 2 so you can replace your broken jack and keep a spare in your stash for the eventual day when it also fails.

Do check the diameter of the connector on your cable and make sure it doesn't exceed 1/4 inch. Many "premium" cables over plate a standard connector, and the larger diameter will wear out your output jack faster. Just sayin'!

Note this is for older models only. All new instruments use a long-frame jack without the threaded portion seen here. We use them now because they are rated for 500,000 insertions.

Models: Europa, Rogue, Skylark, Darling

210-113 prewired$19.00
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