Click to enlargeF-2B Tube Preamp

The F-2B was very first product to bear the Alembic name. About the only thing that's changed in the 30 years since the first F-2B is the chassis. What is it about the F-2B that's made it a classic? A simple to use Bass-Middle-Treble interface for each channel makes your perfect tone easy to find today, and to find again tomorrow. Its warm tube sound is musically useful not only to bass, but we've heard our customers use it for guitar and violin too! For fun, try cascading from channel A to channel B with guitar and discover a wonderful clear distortion.

The F-2B contains two independent preamp/tone control sections. The amplification is entirely vacuum tube driven. Outputs are on the back panel: channel A out, channel B out, and a mono out that combines both channels.

F-2B preamps are backordered until approx February 2022