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We hear from dealers and end users alike: the Skylark is a fun guitar to play. The shape is comfortable, the weight bearable and upper fret access a breeze.

Amberburst finish starts out close to clear at the center, then gradually darkens toward the edges to a rich warm amber glow. We've left the peghead clear finish on the front to set off the natural black of the Ebony front veneer with a coordinating bronze Alembic logo. Bob repeats the burst pattern on the back of the guitar, just check out the back of the peghead - you won't see that on most guitars.

Easy to use with a separate volume and tone control for each pickup the Skylark also includes an off/on/bright switch for each pickup. Inside, a screwdriver adjustable trim pot allows you to determine the amount of brightness when you use the bright setting of the pickup selector switches - and it can be different for each pickup. It's like getting custom electronics any time you want them.

When you start with clean tone, adding distortion or other effects has a more musical and predictable result. Distorting an already distorted sound is like making a copy of a copy - it's never as good as the original.

  • Flame Maple top, Mahogany hollow body
  • Amberburst finish, satin neck feel
  • 24.75" scale 3-piece Maple, set neck with 2 Walnut pinstripes
  • Ebony fingerboard with Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Pickups: Alembic HGR
  • Controls: 2 volumes, 2 filters, off/on/bright for each pickup
  • about 8 pounds
  • price includes hardshell case

Skylark 13173

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